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Freezer Repair in Cape Town - Jet7 Appliances Repairs
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Freezer Repair, When a freezer goes bad, in most cases so does all of the food inside of it. Many people keep a good stock on meats and other perishables stored inside of the freezer section of their refrigerator as well as separate individual freezers. So, if a large freezer breaks down, that can be a lot of money to replace, never mind the repair at hand.

The Modern freezers of today replace iceboxes as a good means of keeping certain foods frozen. It is much easier to rely on electricity and a few chemicals rather than a big chunk of ice, to make sure your food stays frozen.

Freezer Repair

You may not know exactly how a freezer operates, but chances are, you are dependent on a freezer or two located inside of your home or business.

Common Problems Freezer Repair

  1. How a freezer works Your freezer works similar to a condensed air conditioning system. But, instead of cooling the inside of a house, it is cooling a small space where frozen food items are stored. In both cases the machines need a compressor, or a complete condenser and an evaporator. These pieces of equipment remove the heat and humidity from the air in the freezer. Refrigerant, a chemical that is easily converted from gas to liquid runs through the three components in a cycle constantly.
  2. When a freezer stops operating properly There are quite a few things that can be the culprit, if you find that your freezer has stopped working. The thermostat is a good place to start, so make sure it’s set to the correct temperature. And always make sure the freezer unit is plugged in. If the unit is plugged in, next make sure that the electrical outlet has power and is working properly. Next make sure all of the fans in the unit are operating, compressor, condenser and evaporator are all working. Listen close to the compressor; it should make a low humming sound. Check the evaporator coil and make sure that its clean and debris free. If all of this and everything seems to be ok, call the manufacturer. They usually always have some tips on how to repair the unit. 3.How much food should be stored in the freezer? A full freezer is always better at keeping all the cool air inside. It takes much more energy to keep the temperature low inside of an empty freezer, although an empty freezer may be easier to manage, it could actually cost you more money to run the unit. We recommend placing a few bottles of water inside the freezer, to make the freezer more energy efficient.
  3. Defrost system of the freezer Most freezers today are self-defrosting. This means that only a certain level of frost accumulates inside of your freezer, before the defrost system is triggered and melts the excess frost. The water is then allowed to drain into a drain pan at the bottom of most units and then evaporates. Follow Us like and share for more

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